Commercial Odour Control Systems

Improve your air quality with one of our specialist solutions

Purifying Solutions is an Australian equipment designer, manufacturer, and direct B2B / Strata supplier of commercial odour control and air purification systems. Our product ranges consist of the Garbage Doctor®, Odour Doctor® and Scent Doctor® equipment, which are widely used through Australia to neutralise odours and provide scenting and germicidal control in hotels, apartment buildings and shopping centres.

Deodorisation, Scenting, Germicidal Control for Garbage Odours

Deodorisation, Scenting, Germicidal Control for Commercial Odours

Scent marketing solutions for where for where deodorisation is not required.

Odour Control for Garbage Bin Rooms & Chutes

The Garbage Doctor® systems provide 24/7 deodorisation and scenting of foul air within garbage bin rooms, garbage chutes and compactors.

By manufacturing here in Australia and supplying direct to the consumer (strata or commercial), we are able to provide unparalleled technology and support with affordable pricing. Options include out-right purchase, or a fully maintained equipment rental.

Loading Dock Odour Removal

Loading docks are a common source of odours resulting from garbage compactors & bin, food storage & delivery, and frequently grease traps.

Our Odour Doctor® products are designed to address these issues and eliminate odours using either Ozone (oxidation) or a scented vapour depending on your application requirements.

Hotel and Apartment Lobby Scenting

First impressions are important, and there is no better way to achieve that in a hotel or apartment setting than a beautifully fragranced entrance.

Scents are strongly linked to memory and emotion, providing opportunities to create an ambience that perfectly suits your target customer experience.

Our Scent Doctor® is an ideal solution for any public space, whether you are looking to make a strong of subtle scenting impact.

Deodorising/Odour Neutralising Applications

Advanced Purification Technologies

All of our Research & Development is carried out in-house, here in Australia. With the same staff who work with the equipment every day (and have been for more than a decade) responsible for designing robust, reliable and exceptional performing equipment – which utilise proprietary methods and deodorising technologies.

We have seen no comparative products for our target applications anywhere in the world, and certainly there is no comparison in the Australia/New Zealand market.

Because Purifying Solutions does not sell through distributors, we are able to bring these quality and innovate solutions direct to our customers, at prices which are generally comparative (and in many cases less) than other solutions.

We currently service: Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Tweed Coast, and Airlie Beach and Auckland (New Zealand).

‘Neutralising Vapour’ is an effective odour neutralising method which has the benefit of leaving a pleasent residual scent in place of foul odours.

The vaporising method used in our systems requires specialised hardware which creates an extremely light-weight odour neutralising vapour, which allows the neutraliser to mix efficiently with the unwanted odour and travel with natural airflow to increase contact and odour neutralisation time.

A pleasant residual scent is also available with our Neutralising Vapour solutions.

‘Ozone’ is an extremely power oxidiser, making it the ideal candidate for providing odour and germicidal control. 

Ozone is a molecule which consists of 3 atoms of oxygen (O3), you may not realise it but you are breathing trace elements of Ozone right now!

With the correct Ozone production method (and installation care to distribute the Ozone as close as possible to an odour/pathogen source), Ozone has proven to be unmatched in it’s effectiveness at deodorising garbage environments, leaving the air with a natural ‘fresh’ smell.

‘Germicidal UV-C’ is a specific bandwidth of light which is deadly to forms of life at the micro-organic level.

Although UV-C does not contribute directly to odour removal, it remains an excellent method for killing and controlling airborne pathogens and other unwanted microorganisms, which assists in creating a more healthy, hygienic workplace for your staff and guests.

‘Photo Catalytic Oxidation (PCO)’ is an extremely powerful oxidising agent (even more so than Ozone). However because it has an extremely short half life, the PCO is used as an internal process in conjunction with the Germicidal UV-C.

When these two methods are combined, the PCO’s powerful oxidising power removes odours, while simultaneously assisting the germicidal UV-C process with pathogen and micro-organisim control.

‘Carbon Filters’ have long been used in the odour control industry for their beneficial VOC and odour removal qualities.

The specially designed carbon filters used in the Garbage Doctor® and Odour Doctor® products include very fine particle filtration, which assist with both reverting Ozone back into Oxygen in addition to reducing internal cleaning and maintenance of the systems.

For more information on our odour eliminators, or germicidal control systems, please contact our team. We are currently servicing Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Tweed Coast and Airlie Beach (Australia) and Auckland, New Zealand.