Garbage Doctor® - Chute Deodorising Systems

Odour and germicidal control for your garbage chute and bin room

Is your building struggling with garbage chute odours?

The Garbage Doctor® is Australia’s leading solution for deodorising garbage chutes and bin rooms, with  hundreds of installations running continuously, 24 hours a day through Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Tweed, Airlie Beach and Auckland, New Zealand.

The Garbage Doctor® equipment is available as either a fully maintained lease, or can be purchased out-right.

Because the systems are designed and manufactured here in Australia, we are able to offer the industry’s most advanced germicidal & odour control technologies with no middle-men, at some of the most competitive pricing available.

For more information, please contact us on 1300-ODOURS (1300 636 877) or visit the official Garbage Doctor® website at

How to Deodorise Your Garbage Chute (With the Garbage Doctor®)

Each Garbage Doctor® installation will vary, depending on your chute layout and any specific requirements. However a typical installation involves:

1) Deodorising the garbage chute using either Ozone (Oxidation) or Neutralising Vapour (scented odour neutralisation).

2) Providing germicidal and odour control into the bin room to improve hygiene for residents and staff using a combination of Ozone, Germicidal UV-C, Photo Catalytic Oxidation and carbon filters (treating the bin room in addition to the chute for odours is very important, as this air within the bin room will eventually be sucked up the chute).

Deodorisation methods available in the Garbage Doctor®

(Germicidal & odour control by oxidation)

Photo Catalytic Oxidation
(Germicidal & odour control by oxidation)

Neutralising Vapour
(Odour neutralisation with a pleasant residual scent)

Germicidal UV-C
(Germicidal / pathogen control by irradiation)

Carbon Filtration
(VOC and odour removal)

Garbage Doctor Installation Examples (For Chute Deodorisation)

Choosing the right deodorising system for your garbage chute

The Garbage Doctor® has various models depending on your objectives. We always recommend a solution that provides the greatest germicidal control within the bin room when possible – as this area is typically frequented by staff, and in some cases building residents.

Within the chute itself, there are two options available: to deodorise using Ozone (which also provides additional germicidal control), or to remove odours with our Neutralising Vapour systems, which leaves a pleasant residual scent throughout the chute.

Both methods have their pros & cons, and we recommend speaking to one of our team to discuss the different options in relation to your building and chute configuration.

Whichever deodorising method you decide upon, it is important to also use in conjunction with regular garbage chute cleaning.

For more information, please contact our team or phone 1300-ODOURS (1300 636 877).