Air Quality Solutions for your Business

Purifying Solutions has three ‘specialist’ product ranges, designed to improve air quality in the forms of odour and germicidal control for businesses and body corporate / owners committees. Please select the Doctor best suited to your problem:

Your specialist product range for removing garbage odours and improving hygiene in bin rooms, garbage compactors, and garbage chutes.

Your specialist product range for removing odours in commercial and light industrial spaces such as; loading docks, grease traps, and grey water treatment processing areas.

Your specialist product range for creating an inviting fragrance and atmosphere for your customers – perfect for any size area – from large public spaces to reception and hotel lobby’s.

You can also download our complete ‘Odour Control and Scent Marketing Product Brochure‘ here.

If you are unsure what solution would best fit your needs, please contact our team using this online form, or phone us on 1300-ODOURS (1300 636 877). We look forward to being of service!