Garbage Doctor® Deodorising Systems

Destroy garbage odours in your garbage chute, bin room or garbage compactor

The Garbage Doctor® systems utilise our proprietary Si-Zone® technology, and provide continuous 24/7 deodorisation of garbage odours and germicidal control, for applications such as; garbage chutes, garbage bin rooms and garbage compactors.

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Our Garbage Doctor® systems are available for outright purchase, or as a fully-maintained rental. Please contact our team or visit the official Garbage Doctor website at for more information.

Garbage Doctor® Deodorisers - Installation Examples

The Garbage Doctor® systems have a range of technologies available, depending on your odour management requirements.

These include; Ozone, Germicidal UV-C, Photo Catalytic Oxidation (PCO), Carbon Filtration, and odour elimination using our Neutralising Vapour process, which leaves a pleasant residual fragrance in your garbage bin room or garbage chute.

(Germicidal & odour control by oxidation)

Photo Catalytic Oxidation
(Germicidal & odour control by oxidation)

Neutralising Vapour
(Odour neutralisation with a pleasant residual scent)

Germicidal UV-C
(Germicidal / pathogen control by irradiation)

Carbon Filtration
(VOC and odour removal)

What causes garbage odour?

Garbage odour is typically a result of waste decaying, which may include the release of foul smelling gases (such as Methane) or pathogens which can become airborne. In Australia, it is not uncommon to experience minimal garbage odours throughout the cool winter months, with the odours becoming progressively stronger as the temperatures rise into summer (and during busy periods such as Christmas, Easter and school holidays).

Even if your rubbish bins are emptied regularly, the waste may have actually started decaying in the residents apartment long before it was disposed into the common area (such as the garbage chutes or bins).

If your high-rise / low-rise has a garbage chute, garbage odours may become increasingly problematic if the lining of the chute is soiled (there are two main sources of garbage odour that travel through the chute, those odours originating from waste in the bins and those garbage odours originating from the chute lining).

For effective odour control in your garbage chute, it is important to address both sources of odours:

  1. Those odours originating from a dirty garbage chute (requires chute cleaning)
  2. Those odours originating from the smell of waste in the bins (requires a specialised odour control system such as our Garbage Doctor®)

How to eliminate garbage odour

In our experience, Ozone combined with other technologies such as Photo Catalytic Oxidation and Germicidal UV-C provides the most successful solution to remove garbage odours while also improving air quality (we recommend only using systems which provide germicidal control for improved hygiene in waste environments).

In some cases it can also be highly beneficial to introduce an odour neutralising scent (whereas Ozone creates a ‘neutral’ smell). This is most commonly of benefit in large open spaces where Ozone cannot be targeted directly at all the odours sources, or in buildings where customer feel they would prefer to have a pleasant residual fragrance for customer experience or ‘scent marketing’ purposes etc.

Can you use both ozone and an odour neutralising fragrance in the same area?

We recommend against this. Ozone cannot distinguish between a ‘good’ smell and a ‘bad’ smell, so the systems would effectively be working against each other.  However, they can compliment each other in the right configuration. For example, using the Odour Neutralising Vapour into a garbage chute, to leave a pleasant fragrance through the building, while using Ozone into the bin room to provide deodorisation and germicidal control as close as possible to the originating odour & pathogen source. This solution retains the benefit of physically destroying the odour molecules in the bin room – before they have a chance to travel through the chute system.

How is Ozone created?

Our Garbage Doctor® products include a Si-Zone® Ultraviolet Ozone generator, which creates Ozone internally using a specific bandwidth of Ultraviolet light. The Ozone from this generator is then pumped through PVC pipework and dispersed for optimum efficiency in controlling the odours and germs, which is typically as close as is possible to the rubbish source (i.e. over the garbage bins, into the garbage chute, or surrounding the garbage compactor).