Odour Doctor® - Commercial Deodorising Systems

Equipment for odour removal in commercial applications

There are several deodorising solutions available in the Odour Doctor® product range. The best of which will depend on your priorities, such as;

  • Do you prefer a clean, ‘neutral’ smell, or would you prefer a pleasant residual scent?
  • Is germicidal control also a requirement?

The Odour Doctor® equipment is installed permanently on your premises (as close as possible to the area requiring odour removal), with the systems typically operating continuously 24/7, or during business hours – depending on your requirements.

For more information, please contact us on 1300-ODOURS (1300 636 877) or visit the official Odour Doctor® website at

Common Application Areas

The systems have virtually limitless areas of application for commercial use. Some of the most common include:

Odour Doctor® Installation Examples

The Odour Doctor® providing deodorisation in a commercial grease trap. This examples uses a our Si-Zone® Ozone system, but a Neutralising Vapour would also be effective.

The Odour Doctor® and Garbage Doctor® systems working side-by-side to provide odour and germicidal control in the loading dock (neutralising odours from the garbage bins) while using an Odour Neutralising Vapour into the garbage chute.

Deodorising Technologies Available in the Odour Doctor® Range

(Germicidal & odour control by oxidation)

Photo Catalytic Oxidation
(Germicidal & odour control by oxidation)

Neutralising Vapour
(Odour neutralisation with a pleasant residual scent)

Germicidal UV-C
(Germicidal / pathogen control by irradiation)

Carbon Filtration
(VOC and odour removal)