Scent Doctor® - Your Scent Marketing Specialist

Create a beautifully fragranced business for your staff and customers

The Scent Doctor® is the perfect companion where a pleasant fragrance is required, without specific deodorisation.

With a range of scents to select from, you can choose just the right scent for your target market.

The Scent Doctor® is an ideal solution for:

  • Hotel lobbies / foyers
  • Large public spaces
  • Reception areas
  • Customer interaction points
  • Common areas

The Scent Doctor® air fresheners can be used stand-alone or integrated into your ducted air conditioning system.

If the area you are looking to fragrance has existing odours, we recommend our Odour Neutralising Vapour systems – available in the Odour Doctor® and Garbage Doctor® product ranges.

For more information on the Sent Doctor® fragrancing and scent-marketing solutions, please contact our team on 1300-ODOURS (1300 636 877)